Services & More

Every customer of ours is highly individual and has special requirements which often exceed the normale usage of a survey system.

What is so important about that:

Do not rely on us as a simple survey system - we are more than that! Besides our SaaS-Service we provide many services and technical solutions to support you and your business.

askallo is a valueable and important tool for your company: wether for marketing, quality management or for the controlling department - without direct feedback from your customers, employees, website visitors, patients etc. you make a decision on a shot in the dark. To avoid such situations, we would like to offer you our services:



API / Interfaces

askallo is not an island! Use our API to connect askallo to your CRM-System, your Order- / Ticket- or any other system. There are uncountable survey scenarios which use our API.

In-House Hosting

You don´t want to use askallo as „Software as a Service“, but want to have it in your own company network? We offer you the possibility to host askallo in your own network. 



Not everyone can be an expert in everything. That´s why we help with words an deeds, when you are designing your surveys (for your customers, employees, etc.) 



Sometimes one simply runs out of time, and taking care of every little step in a survey is impossible. We support you in small steps or even do the whole survey management for you.


We got your interest and you would like to contact us?

Don´t hesitate and contact us directly via phone (+49 (0)721 38 12 93 0) or via our contact form!