Data privacy and security

Data - the gold of our time

No doubt: The technological development and the internet itself pushed the process of collecting data to unknown und nearly unreal dimensions. Uncertainty and non-transparency are widely spread and lead to false decisions.

We, the askallo company, want you to use our survey system with pure conscience. That´s why we inform you as clearly and understandable about the data privacy at askallo.


Our data privacy - the 4 most important points:


Free SSL-Encryption

No matter if you are in the customers area or fill out a survey: encryption via ssl is included everywhere in askallo - for free.


Covered by contract

If you wish, we close a data privacy contract between our two parties.



Our location: Germany

Our roots are in the center of the technology area of Karlsruhe, Germany. Our office and our data centers are located in Germany, and they will stay there - as well as your data.


YOUR data!

...and not ours. Fact: we are the neutral third party between our customers and the survey participants. Our excellence is building connections between you and the people you invite to your surveys. The data you collect is 100% yours.


Of course there is more detailed information about the single topics. If you are interested, continue reading on to our data privacy page.