Let askallo amaze you

Beginner - Expert
The askallo-system offers the ideal online-survey tool; for beginners and experts alike. You don't need any programming skills: with our easy to use editors and a comfortable user-interface you can start creating your survey immediately even as a beginner and publish it in no time. For advanced and demanding users we offer a wide range of setting to configure your survey to realize your own individual survey-projects.
Surveys for every situation
You can not only create surveys quick and easy, but you are absolutely free in designing the Look and Feel of your questionnaire and survey. Take a customer survey, an employee survey, a request for feedback on seminars - there are no limits for you. You can use the askallo-system to realize online surveys of all kind.
Individual Designs and Questionnaires
You can individualize your survey with your own design. A link to your company logo, individual colors (also by color-values), Show and hide question numbers and much more is possible using the design editor.
The structure of a questionnaire is as well your choice: site partitioning, Headings, different question types, text elements, branches and much more. Adapt your questionnaire in a comfortable way to match it your personal vision or imagination
Advanced Features
With the askallo-survey-system you have many useful tools at your finger tips enabling you to realize your survey quick and fast. A little example: A polished management of invitation and remindermails giving you the chance, not only to invite participants, but also to automatically remind them of the ungoing survey.
Through special function like the redirection e.g. to your comany's website after the survey has been completed or the optional Interviewer (CATI /Face2Face)-module you can perfectly integrate the survey in your procecces.
Email / Webseite / Social-Media
You receive a link the the survey that you can freely embed. You can send the survey-link by email or directly using the askallo email-system. The embedding of the link in website or newsletters is as well possible in many ways.
For usable in a mobile environment the survey-system offers for each survey the matching QR-code. This QR-code can be integrated in (print) documents like invitations, prospects, flyers etc. or many other places. Mobile devices can scan this QR-code and jump to the survey in seconds.
Of course you can place your survey-link in social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, XING or Google+.
Extensive Analysis
The askallo system offers several convenient ways of analyzing your collected survey data. These include: Export of the raw data into Excel (CSV) or SPSS (analysis software to generate statistics)
. Quick analysis- this can be at any time, even while the survey is running, with the click of a button you can create a professional quick-analysis of your survey results
. Report Manager - Here you can create individual presentations and evaluations. The evaluations can be displayed in various diagrams, such as Pie charts, vertical bar graph, line graph, etc. The report design is customizable and can be planned individually. The report created in askallo can be provided (e.g. in an intranet) or exported as a PDF online.
It is of great importance to us to protect your data. So we made a conscious decision for the location Germany, we secure the communication with our servers via SSL (free and for all tariffs - also for the questionnaires) and store important data encrypted in our systems
. All data that you entrust to us will be kept strictly confidential and will not be passed on to third parties.
Finally, we can close a contract on request for commissioned data processing with you - free of charge. Detailed information, templates, technical and organizational measures are available on request and we would gladly send them to you.