Customer review without customer survey

Last week, a very special email reached us and made us happy. Read on to learn what our customer Mrs. Mitter thinks about askallo.

Dear askallo team,
I have become aware of askallo because one of my clients wanted to conduct an employee survey.

My clients are from small and medium-sized SMEs and are located in Germany. In my experience, these customers often need very individualized employee survey sheets. Large-known and mostly high-priced survey service providers often offer a cheaper standard package, which lacks in terms of individuality and therefore does not fulfill the demands of my clients.

In addition, the cheap providers are - under circumstances - providers, that are located in other European countries and in part subject to less stringent privacy.

With the askallo system I  was able to satisfy my customers needs: with the excellent price-performance ratio, with high demands for data security according to German standards and the great features to individualize the questionnaire.
The very good first impression was completed with the absolutely reliable, technically competent and personal service as well as extensive experience in conducting surveys!

I was 100% satisfied with askallo and I recommend askallo as a trusted, reliable and competent survey provider!

With best regards,

Sunita Mitter
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