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With the askallo survey system you can create surveys whenever and wherever you want to - easy, fast and efficient. Our survey software is meant for beginners as well as experts, it's easy to use and questionnaires can be created intuitively including modifications to match your corporate design or your personal style.

Invite participants and analyze the results even while the survey is still running!

Advantages of a modern survey software

Even nowadays there are countless operations and business processes being analysed using paper-based surveys. With our survey software these processes can now be digitalized and be conducted a lot more efficient. Incorrect entries can be reduced and analyses are more reliable.

The advantages of a survey tool in an overview:

  • Increased willingness for participation
    Online surveys are an attractive medium and are dealt with more easily than paper-and-pen surveys, which increases the willingness for participation.
  • Significant cost- and time savings
    The elimination of print- and dispatch costs and the reduction of time to gather the results brings you a significant potential to save time, staff and especially money.
  • Controlled course trough the survey
    Each participant only sees the questions that are of importance for him, this reduces response times and raises the participation ratio.
  • Simple distribution of the questionnaire
    Links to the survey can be distributed via email / newsletter, in social networks or on websites.
  • High quality results
    Manual collection of paper-questionnaires are eliminated, input errors are virtually gone.
  • Controlling of incoming responses
    As survey organizer you are informed at any time about incoming responses, so you may react on them if necessary.
  • Automated Reminders (Reminder email)
    If needed, participants that have not yet conducted the survey can be automatically reminded to increase the return ratio of responses.
  • Reusability of surveys
    Especially with repeating surveys the online survey method is cheap and effective, since an already existing survey can easily be reused.
  • Gathering big amounts of data
    Inviting many participants as well as saving a lot of data and analyzing it – it’s very easy.

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What else is possible?
A survey can be conducted in combination of online- and paper-and-pen surveys if only a part of the participants is supposed to be online.







Possible fields of application for a modern survey software

Independent from purpose or subject of your survey, askallo offers you a reliable survey tool, which runs completely web-based - you don't have to install anything on your PC / Laptop or Tablet. Flexible and intuitive editors are offering you a wide range of possibilities while designing your survey, for instance:

  • Customer Survey, Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Survey, Employee Satisfaction
  • Member Survey
  • Market analysis, Product Test, Needs analysis
  • Website Survey, Homepage Questionnaire
  • Patient's Survey, Patient Care
  • Feedback Survey, Project Survey, Seminar Survey

Not only the contents are covered by our survey tool: Many settings in the design of the survey, filtering and further features are speak for the usage of a modern survey tool. Get to know more about the Features in askallo.

QR-Code for the survey

You may not only invite the participants to your survey by email, social networks or your website. Our survey tool offers you for every survey the matching QR-Code automatically in various sized. This QR-Code can be incorporated in e.g. (print-) documents like invitations, prospects, flyer etc. or many other places. Mobile devices can scan QR-Code and show your survey in seconds.

Certainly the topic of privacy and data-protection is an important key factor for your decision. Make the right choice and choose – like we did - the location Germany and the Germany privacy protection laws. Also the use of SSL-Encryption is available for free in all of our tariffs. The protection of your data and the data of your customers is very important to us - what we are doing for it you may read up on here.