Survey for a market research and needs analysis

Use an online-survey for quick
and informative results

In the quantitative market research a target group is asked about a subject area. Since this involves to recourse to a broader audience to increase the explanatory power a cost-effective online survey is the ideal choice. Conducting a market research survey with askallo gives you the advantages of much shorter preparation times and greatly reduced overall costs.
You have a tool at hand, with which you can perform fast and frequent market surveys.
askallo covers the entire spectrum of online market research.

Objectives of market research surveys

Especially in the economy obtaining and processing market information is a prerequisite for competitiveness and customer focus. A timely and thorough search for the information about the market and business risks can be reduced in order to make informed decisions (also described as a marketing tool). Surveys are therefore an investment for future business success and a critical success factor to achieve and secure an advantage over your competitors. An online survey can offer you important insights that can help you to get to know and understand your customers and competitors better - inexpensive, fast and easy.

Market researchObjectives of market research projects through an online survey can be:

  • Product testing
  • Brand awareness
  • Market research
  • Needs analysis
  • Potential analysis

Even during the market survey, you can always perform quick-analysis' online and check the returns. For external statistical processing askallo provides you with a download of the results as CSV / Excel and SPSS.


Online surveys as an instrument of market research

A survey is the classic and one of the most common forms of data collection. It serves as a promising, affordable and self-applicable instrument of market research.
This involves

  • recognizing relationships and motives, e.g. to buy or not to buy
  • opinions, facts and details, e.g. to question the products, application areas and the company
  • understand motivations to learn, for example, why certain product features, articles, etc. do not arrive or fail certain settings


Particularly suitable for this purpose are online-surveys and telephone-surveys (please ask us about our "interviewer module" feature) for the following matters:

  • Surveys on current topics, such as planned, incipient or completed promotional activities, opening a new business or launching a new product etc.
  • Reactions of the users to product improvements, or -adjustments
  • Support surveys - as a short-or long-term surveys
  • Needs assessment / needs analysis generally at a specific target group
  • Follow-up interviews or follow-up to previously conducted surveys (clarify or supplement)
  • Survey of otherwise only hard to reach people


Focus on the to be interviewed partners / persons best suited to typical opinion-forming groups, such as customers and other business partners who are known as trendsetters or experts and industry insider.

Alternatively, you can as well acquire participants for your market analysis through our partner "Workhub". Workhub is a modern crowdsourcing platform and provides you just like classic panels with many participants from the desired target group (e.g., age, gender, hobbies).

Recommendations for the implementation of your questionnaire:

  • Treat the respondents as a partner and explain the purpose and benefits of the survey
  • Shorten the questionnaire on what really matters
  • Create the questionnaire with easy to understand questions
  • Test the survey in advance and do not close the survey to early
  • Train and motivate the interviewers for conducting telephone surveys
  • Create a foundation of trust by strict compliance with data protection and privacy

Telephone interviews (interviewer) module and Panels

Using the interviewer module of askallo you can perform CATI (telephone) or Face2Face interviews. This allows you to, for example, associate surveys individually to a person (i.e. in a call center or in your sales department) and surveys can be carried out by telephone. This feature is particularly suited for on-site meetings, trade shows or moderated short surveys in public.


Certainly the topic of privacy and data-protection is an important key factor for your decision. Make the right choice and choose - like we did - the location Germany and the German privacy protection laws. Also the use of SSL-Encryption is available for free in all of our tariffs. The protection of your data and the data of your customers is of great importance to us - please find detailed information on our data privacy page.