Employee Survey

With employee surveys you can show that the opinion of your employees matters to you

By using an online employee survey you can gain important knowledge about the opinions of your employees and gather strengths and weaknesses. For example you can measure the degree of satisfaction your employees have with their work conditions. That makes the employee survey your sentiment index for the general state of motivation in your company.
For companies as well as employees a comfortable working atmosphere is a great gain to work efficiently and success oriented. Satisfied employees will deliver the best performance and stay faithful to your business for years. Our experience has shown that it is of great importance and can even be raising your value as a business to regularly give your employees the chance to have their voices heard and to have the ability to anonymously state their opinions.
Also, making use of an employee survey one can analyze the performance of the abilities to lead and improve them by learning from the results of your survey. Leadership can greatly influence the motivation of your employees just like your employees have a direction connection to a positive link to your customers and the quality of your products.

Create a questionnaire for an employee survey with askallo

The effort of an online-survey for employee-satisfaction is far less than using a paper-survey. With our survey-system you can freely design and model your questionnaire as you wish in the shortest amount of time. You can configure question types, your own design and the survey settings quick and easy before sharing the survey with your employees online. Of course you can as well choose from one of our many questionnaire-templates.
Employee Survey


The evaluation of your results happens with the push of a button, no matter the amount of your data. No manual collection of results is required, therefore the duration in which you can use your results is greatly improved and you will receive fast and precise feedback on which you can build your business intelligence on. In the following a few features that askallo's survey system is offering:







  • Employee-questionnaire in a corporate design
    The questionnaire can be created using your corporate design, this includes of course the embedding of your company logo.
  • Individual - like your employees
    Each participant receives a personal link that he can use to access the survey. Through the use of filters you can control the flow and structure of your survey - each participant will only see the questions that are of importance to him, this shortens the response time and raises rate of return. Still the anonymity of your employees stays intact due to the fact that the analysis takes place separately.
  • Automated Reminders (reminder emails)
    If necessary invitees who have not yet participated in the survey can be informed using askallo's automated reminder emails. This can raise your responder ratio significantly.
  • Multilingual questionnaires
    The effort to create a multilingual questionnaire is very low. You can create a standardized questionnaire with multiple language versions; before opening the survey, your employees can choose, which language they like to use.
  • Individual ways for an analysis
    For a short preview of your survey results we offer you quick-evaluation features that will give you hints of the final results while the survey is still running. You can even create a quick-analysis with simple bar diagrams.
  • Extensive online-reports including pie-, bar- and line chars etc. can be easily created in our application and on demand published or exported.
  • An export of the raw-data is available for Microsoft Excel and SPSS.
  • Simple reoccurring surveys
    An employee survey shouldn't be a onetime event: Copy your survey with the click of a button and quickly adapt it if necessary to suit your current situation, update your invitees and run it again. After gaining your second set of results, you can easily compare the results to previous surveys.

A few facts for a resourceful feedback to your employee-survey

With askallo you have an effective tool at your fingertips, to design online-surveys - let it be an opinion-survey, a survey to your work atmosphere, a survey for employee satisfaction etc. With askallo you have all these possibilities at hand. Employee-surveys should have a precise and realistic goal and Management as well as employees should have the greatest possible gain from such a survey while having the smallest cost/effort to participate/create it.

This is how you can raise the rate of return:

Use the following motivational factors and possibilities:

  • Run the survey anonymously
    Each online-employee survey places great emphasis on anonymity. This is important because otherwise it might be possible that falsified results might occur with a low rate of return. If your invitees fear that their you may be able to identify them after participating in a survey you will often receive answers that are not entirely true but rather matches what you wished for ("beautified answers").
    Each survey includes a link, which enables the employees to take insight into the terms and settings of their privacy. These information is automatically included and offered by askallo and the neutral third-party.
  • Short, attractive questions
    The design of a questionnaire should be adapted to the corporate design of a company. It should be attractive and include and most important work-aspects in questions and answers. Questions should be formulated as easily understandable and easy to answer as well (Do not use misleading terms or abbreviations or foreign words etc.)
  • Create a lottery / incentives
    Create a lottery where people might win little prices as a gesture of appreciation.
  • Track your return
    The rate of return can be continuously monitored and display so that you may react of it, like sending out reminder emails to the invitees that have not yet participated in the survey.
  • Inform the participants
    Employees should receive sufficient information of the purpose of the survey. Keep your employees in the loop about the survey and communicate the results of it as well as planned follow-up processes. Give your employees the feeling and the chance to make an important contribution to improvements and success.


Surveys using multiple media

Should not all employees in your company have an email address or online access, your employee survey can be conducted as a combination between online and paper survey: A questionnaire may be exported in askallo as a PDF-file, and be printed and distributed as often as needed.

With askallo you are in safe hands. We take your privacy very seriously and place great value on the best possible data security. The use of SSL encryption is free of charge and we are committed to the location Germany - for both our premises and our server systems. Lern more about privacy at askallo.