Run a customer survey

Listen up now! A customer survey is the first step for effective change.

With an online customer survey you can gain important facts about the satisfaction of your customers and therefore raise your company's success. Through focusing more on your customer you can increase the satisfaction and customer relationship significantly and use this as a competitive advantage. It is often more expensive to win a new customer over than to take care of a regular customer. Bearing that in mind, a regularly run customer-survey becomes more and more important - especially with nowadays Electronic Commerce. Enthusiastic customers are the key to success. You recommend a provider two to three times in average to your friends and acquaintances. Make use of the advantages and the valuable results of a customer satisfaction analysis and raise your rebuy, additional purchase and recommendation intention of your customers and therefore quality and profit!

You can gather customer feedback for several areas. In general this depends on your view of the business unit or division in which you see the potential for optimization, which marketing strategy you are planning, if you want to get to the bottom of a complaint or if you set further goals and you need to gather information from your customers.


Here are some potential uses for a customer survey

  • Strengthen customers' loyalty
    Let your customers know that you take them seriously and that you are interested in their feedback. E.g. You can provide a way in your customer questionnaires for your customers to contact you individually concerning a specific topic.
  • Product feedback / Pricing
    Gain important information by asking specific questions regarding existing product lines. Does this correspond with your customers' demands? Is the price-performance ratio satisfying? Is Optimization required? Use a survey for your products to maintain quality and improve customer satisfaction and your success.
  • Product development
    Do you plan on introducing a new product line? The best way is to gather valuable feedback from your customers in advance. Do customers like the product? Is there a definite need? Are there customer needs that you haven't considered yet? Especially when introducing a new product you may find useful information by conducting a customer survey.
  • Customer service / Customer Expectations
    Are your customers satisfied with your service? Are there any weak spots that you may have missed out on? Is there potential for optimization regarding your service and support? Or are your customers already very satisfied? Customer surveyMany customers place particular emphasis on good service and this can influence a customer's decision significantly.

  • Customer experiences on range of services / Customer needs
    Make use of the entire knowledge of your customers about your offered services. Get to know more about the needs of your customers and the quality of your entire range of services using a well-designed online questionnaire and utilize the gathered results for specific advertisement strategies and a better customer orientation.
  • Developing a unique selling point
    Do you know your USP? How do you stand out from your competitors and can you make profit from that? Create an advantage for yourself over your competitors by determining your USP (e.g. service, pricing, quality, etc.) with a customer survey and use it for your next advertisement campaign.


Suggestions for creating your customer survey

Get to know the wishes and needs of your customers better by conducting regular customer surveys and use the knowledge gained by those in order to match your product offerings to them. Following are a few suggestions for creating a survey on customers' satisfaction.

  • Definite Objectives for your survey
    Define a specific goal before designing your customer survey: What do you want to achieve with your customer survey, what kind of information would you like to ask your customer about? In regard to a clear and definite objective you can create your questionnaire more specific to receive efficient results from which you can derive the required actions.
  • Create Motivation through a lottery incentive
    Give your customers an incentive to participate in the survey. Offer e.g. small prices in the raffle or grant discounts.
  • Ask only a few specific questions!
    Try to keep the questionnaire short and only ask specific question which are easy to understand. The shorter and easier your questionnaire seems to your customers the more likely it is that they will participate.

Use an online-questionnaire for customer satisfaction as an important and cheap instrument, to gain continuous feedback from your customers and therefore as well increase your business' success.


Also: Do you know our interviewer module?

With askallo you can not only conduct pure online customer surveys, but CATI (by phone) or Face2Face-Surveys as well. With our interviewer module you can e.g. conduct surveys on a personal level by making use of a call center or your sales department. Additional Possibilities are local appointments, trade fair questioning or modified short survey in public. Summarized: The interviewer module is suited for all kinds of tasks when one person is filling out the questionnaire for many participants.

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