About askallo

askallo GmbH is stationed in Karlsruhe and was founded in 2005. Furthermore askallo is one of the pioneer Online-Survey systems in the SaaS section. The Online-Survey system askallo is fully developed, and hence suitable for all leading providers and renowned companied of all industries.

From a professional point of view, our CEO Yasemin Thies and the rest of the askallo team had the idea of getting rid of all the Paper&Pencil-surveys. Switching over to a free of charge Online Survey was the solution: askallo. Online surveys are considerably easier to use, but also more efficient and effective in every aspect. askallo offers exactly that and plays the role of a neutral Third customer / employee.


Years of Experience

The askallo team has got many years of experience with Online-Surveys. This is, in particular for individually tailored In-House-Solutions, and technical implementation for survey projects. Through the developed askallo-interface, Third party systems can easily be laced together, and hence actions such as employee and customer seminar feedback can be automated completely. This is especially useful when dealing with Marketing, HR, Support, complaint- and quality management of great importance.


A name with Originality

The name “askallo” is, just like the system, our own creation. The name was put together by “ask all online”. 


Our Philosophy

We aim to respond to the individual requirements of each customer, to fulfill them in the best dimensions and to inspire our customers. With years of experience, high professional competence and rising quality, we are always fond of new challenges and obtain results that offer lasting values.

Our employees are driven by great motivation, reliability, flexibility and customer support. We value our employees and customers alike, and want to achieve their full satisfaction. Together we want to develop further and achieve even more.