• Employee survey

    Giving you the chance to regularly receive direct feedback by your employees.

  • Customer survey

    A customer survey is the first step for effective change in your business.

  • Data Privacy

    Giving data away mustn`t be
         a risk.

  • Service and Interface

    askallo is more than just
                    a survey system
       - explore our world!

Employee Survey

10,000-times approved.

If you want to know what your employees wish for, you can learn it in just a few mouseclicks using our employee survey.

Customer Survey

Your customers wishes steer your companies corporate decisions.

Build up a solid data-foundation with our customer survey.

Data privacy

Don´t lose sight of your data!

Data privacy belongs to you data. Learn more about askallo and how your data is kept private and secure.

Service & Interface

Hand it over to the experts: Consulting and Management for your surveys as a service!

And there is even more: explore new worlds with our API / Interfaces...



Im heutigen Zeitalter wird das klassische "Sender- Empfänger-Modell" von Shannon und Weaver stetig vor neue Herausforderungen gestellt. Die Kommunikation ist im dauerhaften Wandel. Was früher die Postkarte, der Brief, das Telegramm und das Fax waren, sind heute die E-Mail, eine Whatsapp-Nachricht, der QR-Code/Scan oder ein Tweet... wir sagen nur: "Willkommen in der digitalen Welt!"

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askallo offers you an online-system enabling you to  create a survey quick and comfortably.

Customer Survey

To know, what the customer is thinking

One of the major key aspects to a companies success are satisfied and loyal customers. Measuring these is one of the reasons for conducting a customer survey customer survey. If you want to adapt your products and services to the needs of your customers, you may find a solid foundation as the key to success in the results of a professional customer survey....  more >

Employee Survey

The employee survey as a self-analysis within the company

With an employee survey you have the best experts at hand when dealing with the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Utilize this potential to increase your companies success.

With askallo the effort of creating an employee survey is severely less than using a traditional paper-survey. more >